What We

Brand Marketing

Social Media Management

Innovative Strategies

Every business requires a specific social media strategy. We do the hard work so you don’t have to.

Content Creation

Each social media platform has its own social rules and guidelines. For certain platforms photos are better, for others videos are better. We are specialized in social media, will create the appropriate content for the various platforms and post them so you can spend time on other business operations.

Social Media Ads

Social Media ads are a cost-effective and quick way to connect with your target audience. With a budget as low as $50, we can advertise your products and/or services to increase sales.

Production Experience



We will develop the vision for your video/photo session, depending on the purpose of the session. If you are launching a new product/service or wanting to connect with your audience, we can develop a strategy for your session and produce quality content.


We invest in various tools to provide you with exceptional service and deliverables. 

Skilled Crew

Our team has one goal in mind – happy clients. We work very hard to refine our skills to provide you with the best service possible.


Creative Consulting


All creatives at some point experience burnout. That’s simply the truth. If you are in need of a creative boost, creative consulting is for you. Allow DD Creative Studio to assist you with developing creative strategies to accomplish your personal or professional goals that need creativity to spice things up. Starting at low as $75/hour. 


We will support you and assist you with navigating through your creative burnout by identifying the root cause of the burnout and replacing it with inspiration.


There are many tools that can assist you in sparking your creativity. With Creative Consulting, you have access to this information to make your professional life that much easier and more satisfying.